Iniciación A La Guitarra Solista

by David Valdes

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First learning DVD from David Valdes. All the exercises are written on tabs. David has chosen 40 of his best exercises that include picking, legatos, sweep picking techniques, basic scales, whammy bar exercises, vibrato, slides and even a hand warm up exercise to avoid injuries before playing. 55 minutes of great lessons.

Primer DVD didáctico de David Valdes. Todos sus ejercicios están escritos en tablatura. David ha escogido 40 de sus mejores ejercicios que incluyen picking, legatos, sweep picking, escalas básicas, ejercicios de palanca, vibrato, slides y un ejercicio de calentamiento de mano. 55 minutos de puro aprendizaje.


released February 1, 2000



David Valdes Tarragona, Spain

Instrumental Metal Guitar Player.

Guitar lovers, get your ears ready, David Valdes' revolution is coming...

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